It’s Toolbox Tuesday!!

The Toolbox is a full day training program focusing on appropriately and safely serving students with disabilities who engage in problematic behaviors. We call it the “Toolbox” because we organized the program around ten specific things, ten “tools,” that are available to the school officials.

If you are interested in a Toolbox training in your district, or your ESC, let me hear from you. As you read this, I’m doing a Toolbox training in Region 7. Thursday I will be doing one in Region 6. The Toolbox will return to Region 6 on December 6. And we are already booked at Region 16 next summer—June 26.

The Toolbox is completely compatible with Restorative Practices—something I am trying to emphasize in these trainings. So let me know if you’d like more information.


Tomorrow: What to make of that Houston Chronicle article about special education.