It ain’t over in Kountze!

CheerleaderGate is not over!  The cheerleaders in Kountze have been displaying overtly Christian messages on the banners that the team runs through at the beginning of the game.  Litigation has been going on for years.  But then the school board tried to end all the fun and games by adopting a resolution that effectively allowed the cheerleaders to express their religious messages on school banners. “Moot!” cried the school district lawyers.  “Your claim is moot because we have given you what you want—so go away now.”

The Court of Appeals agreed with that, but the Texas Supreme Court did not.  The Supremes declared that the case was not moot because the school board might very well reinstate a ban on religious messages on school banners.

Thus it continues.

If this goes on much longer, we are afraid that the cheerleaders are going to switch from the comparatively tame verses they now cite (“I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me” Philippians 4:13) to the darker Hebrew Scriptures.  This is particularly likely if the team continues to lose as they did in 2015, going 2-8.

Let’s remember: this is football, people! Let’s get away from the namby pamby in Philippians and go with some smashmouth Hebrew Scriptures.  How ‘bout this one from Deuteronomy 28:31:   “Thine [donkey] shall be violently taken away from before thy face and shall not be restored to thee.”

The Scriptures actually don’t use the word “donkey.” They use another word, and I’m confident that you know what it is. But I also know that using that word will cause some of your filters to block the Dawg from entering your space. So we say “donkey” but you know what we mean.

Stuff like that might get the Kountze Lions back in the playoffs.