Is variety the spice of life?

I heard a wise man once say “Variety is the spice of life, but routine is the essence.”  It made my heart soar like an eagle, seeing as how I live by routines.  I have been accused of being in a rut.  But I don’t see the problem with having the same breakfast every day, as long as you enjoy it.  What’s wrong with using DayTimers when the rest of the world has moved on to iPhone calendars?  They’ve served me well since 1979.  I don’t see how those electronic thingamajigs you have to poke on are an improvement over the paper and pen variety of calendar. 

Where would we be without our familiar routines? Rather than seeing them as boring, we should celebrate them as a part of the very infrastructure of our lives.  There is no way I would be churning out the Daily Dawg on a regular basis if not for the routine I have developed. I expect I’m preaching to the choir on this topic, seeing as how teachers understand the need for routine in the classroom.  But that’s not just for the benefit of the children. The teacher needs the routine as just as much.

My brother once remarked that variety was overrated. He said it was better to find out what you like and stick with it.  He was specifically referring to food, but this attitude was also apparent in the tan jacket he wore every day for every occasion for a couple or three decades.

I mention all this today, mid-February, because we are now knee deep in the long slog of the school year.  Spring break is still a long way off and June won’t be here for a year or so.  Stick to your routines, Loyal Daily Dawg Readers.  Work your routine and your routine will serve you well.

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