“In an abundance of caution….”

Sally Superintendent has a dilemma.  Mr. Robinson just retired after a lengthy and distinguished career as a teacher.  There was only one fly in this ointment. Last year a student made an allegation that Mr. Robinson had touched him inappropriately.  The matter was thoroughly investigated and the superintendent had concluded that there was nothing to it.  But now the teacher is resigning and there remains some evidence in the record (testimony of the student) of previous wrongdoing.  Does Sally need to report this to SBEC?

Last year she probably would have made that report, prefacing it with “I am making this report in an abundance of caution.”  She would then explain the situation—that there was “evidence” but that it had been discredited through a thorough investigation.

This year Sally will not have to make that report.  Pursuant to SB 1476, schools will no longer be required to report to SBEC about educators who were accused of inappropriate conduct with a student if the superintendent or director 1) completed an investigation of the matter before termination or resignation of the employee; and 2) determined that the educator did not engage in the alleged misconduct.

Breathe easy, Sally, and enjoy your retirement, Mr. Robinson!


Tomorrow: A major new law for charters.