I guess you know the legislature is at work….

It’s about time to take a look at what’s going on down at the Capitol. As you Loyal Daily Dawg Readers know, the Lege is hard at work. I don’t find it useful to spend too much time keeping up with all of the ins and outs of this process. The vast majority of bills will never see the light of day, and most of the real action happens in the last week or two of the session. So here in February we only see glimpses of what might happen. Nevertheless, it’s important, not to mention interesting, to keep an eye on things.

The best way I know to keep up is through Texas Legislature Online: www.capitol.texas.gov. Go there and create your own list of bills to follow. You can also just Google “TLO” and the site will pop up.

There is a lot of money sloshing around this session, so it’s likely that there will be some sort of increase in funding for public education. Many educator groups are urging a fundamental change to the basic formula whereby funding would be based on the more stable number of students enrolled, rather than the fluctuating number of those in attendance. Too soon to know what will happen, but here’s a safe prediction: there will be more money for public education. Here’s an even safer prediction: it won’t be enough.

I’ve got my personal list of bills set up on TLO that I will be following, and we will highlight a few of those this week in the Dawg.


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