Here’s a new law you need to know about!

This week we will be looking at new bills that have been signed into law.  Let’s start with HB 657.

Let’s say that Caleb is a 5th grader who is served in your special education program. He failed the STAAR math test that is required for promotion to 6th grade.  What happens now?

That’s the subject of HB 657, a bill that the governor has signed into law.  The new law provides a way for the ARD Committee to promote Caleb without him having to go through a second administration of the test.  Under prior law, the ARDC had to meet and determine if the student would be promoted or retained. The law also required the ARDC to decide how the student would participate in an accelerated instruction program.

HB 657 makes four important changes in the law.

1. It sets the timing of that ARDC meeting. It must take place prior to a second administration of the STAAR test.

2. It gives the ARDC the standard it should apply in determining whether or not the student should be promoted. The student can be promoted “if the committee concludes that the student has made sufficient progress in the measurable academic goals” in the IEP.

3. It makes it clear that if the ARDC decides to promote the student, the student does not have to take the STAAR again.

4. The school must give notice to each parent of the ARDC’s options when a student fails a STAAR test. This must be given by September 1 of each year.


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