Have you heard of Ashley Madison?

I often listen to CNN on satellite radio in the car.  The radio broadcast is identical to the TV broadcast, except for the commercials.  You can buy airtime on the satellite radio for a lot less than TV time costs.  So you don’t hear a lot of ads for heavy hitters like Geico or Toyota or Apple.  Instead, the ads on satellite radio often promote things like “get rich quick” schemes, plans to beat the IRS, hair replacement products, risky franchise opportunities and adultery.

That’s right.  Adultery.  The Ashley Madison website used to advertise a lot on satellite radio.  Ashley Mad is just like other online dating/meetup sites with one exception—it specifically targeted married people.  The tagline was “Life is short.  Have an affair.”

I’m not sure they are still in business.  There was a big scandal when A/M had a data breach a few years ago and the names of all of its account holders were revealed.  I’m not sure if they have recovered from that, but I’m afraid to explore the possibility on my law firm computer, and even more fearful of using my personal laptop.

I remember when I first heard the Ashley Madison advertisement thinking to myself: this is going to show up in a teacher termination case someday.  And now it has.  So this week (except for Toolbox Tuesday) we are going to discuss the Mississippi case of Matthew P. Wallace v. DeSoto County School District.  There is more to it than you might think. So stay tuned!


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