Happy Veterans’ Day!

I lucked out on that first draft lottery way back in 1969.  The War in Vietnam was in full swing and so the number assigned to your birthday was a life changer.  I was number 330, which meant I was free to complete college, go to law school and get on with my life without worrying about being drafted.  My roommate drew number 6.  He signed up for ROTC the next day.

So it is with humble gratitude that I join all of you in saying THANK YOU to those who have served our country through military service.

Veterans’ Day reminds me of the story about the time when French President Charles DeGaulle pulled France out of NATO in 1966 and demanded that all American troops be evacuated from French soil.  Secretary of State Dean Rusk asked the proud Frenchman: “Does that include the 60,000 who are buried there?”