Get ready to zoom!

Next Friday we will resume (ReZoom?) Zooming with the Dawg for Daily Dawg subscribers.  We are going to do these Zoom meetings once a month, on the third Friday of each month at 10:00a.m.  So the first one will be next Friday, September 18. 

Zooming with the Dawg is a freebie for all Daily Dawg subscribers.  To get the Zoom invite, send an email to  Sign up once and you’ll be on the list for all sessions. Our Client Services team will send a reminder with the link before each one.

Our September Zoom call will highlight some of the recent Daily Dawg posts, with a particular emphasis on SROs, local police, and how and when we allow them to question kids at school. There is a recent court case from Missouri that offers a cautionary tale. I’ll be writing about that case next week, and we will focus on it during the Zoom call.   Invite your SROs and/or local gendarmes to join us! 

We will also talk about long hair litigation.  Many districts have received a lengthy letter from the ACLU about this.  Let’s talk it over. 

Hope to see a bunch of you on Friday the 18th!