Does your district have a Student Advisory Board?

You never know what you might learn from bouncing around on a school district’s website. I was looking for one thing on the Harlingen CISD’s site when I came across something else--a nice picture of the Student Advisory Board.  Superintendent Dr. Alicia Noyola informed me that this group has been operational in the district for many years. The students are the elected leaders in middle and high schools.  They meet with the superintendent monthly to share information and provide feedback on how things are going. 

In speaking with Shane Strubhart, the district’s Associate Superintendent for Community Engagement, I learned that former superintendent Steve Flores started up this group.  Shane expressed great joy about his involvement with this group of student leaders.  Shane told me that the students understand the gravity of their role, representing the 17,000 students in the district. The Advisory Board has been particularly important during the pandemic, helping the district keep an eye on student stress levels.  The SAB is beneficial to the district, and obviously to the students as well. The district provides leadership training to the members of the SAB, bringing in school district leaders as well as outside speakers, including the mayor.

What a good idea!  Does your district have one? 

In Harlingen there are 22 students on the SAB, each one pictured wearing their official, blue, Student Advisory Board shirt!  These are your future school board members, I’m sure. Community leaders. 

The only thing I noticed that was somewhat disturbing was the absence of gender equity on the Board.  Seventeen girls.  Five boys. C’mon, guys!!  Man up!!


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