Dear Dawg: This is a hostile work environment! My boss keeps reprimanding me!!

Here’s a simple lesson from a recent federal court case: an employee is not working in a “hostile work environment” when the reprimands she receives are justified.  Supervisors in the IT department at United ISD repeatedly reprimanded one of their employees over tardiness and absenteeism.  Eventually, the district terminated the employee over these issues and others.  The employee filed suit, claiming, among other things, that she was subjected to a hostile work environment.

Nope.  As the court points out, the boss does have the right to expect you to show up regularly, and on time.  If you get written up for that, you are not being treated unfairly.

The case is Garza-Delgado v. United ISD, decided by the federal court for the Southern District of Texas on September 27, 2017. We found it at 2017 WL 4326561.