Dear Dawg: six of us on the board shaved our heads. What can we do about the holdout?


I’ve got a “hairy” one for you! Our school board has taken a bold step forward toward educational excellence. All seven members solemnly pledged to shave our heads completely bald if our STAAR scores reached a certain point. This got a lot of publicity and really fired up the teachers and the kids. Sure enough, the scores went up and we had to prove that we would follow through on our commitment. Well, Dawg, it was quite a sight at our last board meeting. In strolled six of us, bald as billiard balls. Then we saw LulaMae, the seventh member of the board, with a full head of hair. She said, “One: I didn’t think the kids could do it. Two: I thought we were kidding. Three: I’m the only lady on the board and the rule shouldn’t apply to me. Four: my husband already told me that he signed up for better or for worse, but not for bald. Do you want to be responsible for a broken home?”

This is a delicate situation, Dawg, but we feel that LulaMae should follow through. If she doesn’t, what message are we sending the kids? If we make an exception for her based on her gender, are we violating Title IX? Some of the board members want to get her kicked off the board. What do you think? I DON’T LOOK SO GOOD, BUT AT LEAST IT’S A LOT COOLER IN THE SUMMER THIS WAY.


Not much chance of getting LulaMae removed from the board based on this. Voters can’t recall a board member and we doubt that a judge would find this to be good cause for her removal. And I wouldn’t worry about Title IX on this one. You could try public shame, but we think that’s going to backfire on the six of you men picking on LulaMae. Enjoy your cool head and give LulaMae a break.


File this one under: GOVERNANCE