Dear Dawg: It was after we sent home the class picture of the first graders that we noticed the little munchkin on the front row shooting the finger. Help!

Dear Dawg: I have come to expect this kind of behavior at the middle school, but not from a first grader. Before we send home class pictures of the kids in middle school we go over them with a magnifying glass, looking for anything improper.  But a first grader!  Dawg, the kid is as cute as they come. He is a little guy, so he was one of the ones sitting cross legged on the floor right in the front.  You can’t miss him. Big smile.  Looks like the sweetest little boy in the world.  But once we started getting angry phone calls from parents, we took another look at the picture. How could we have missed it?  There is no mistaking what he was doing. This was no accident, but rather, a deliberate effort to sabotage the picture with a vulgar middle finger.  Two of them in fact.  All of a sudden, that sweet smile began to look more like a malevolent grin. The more I looked at the kid, the more he looked like a younger, better coiffed version of Donald Trump.  I can see Trump doing this in first grade, can’t you?

Anyway….what do we do???  NEED A BETTER PHOTO EDITOR.


I think you already identified what needs to happen here. Get a better photo editor!  We don’t see a big legal problem here.  But even if you photoshop this thing to clean it up, be sure to hang on to the original also.  After all, if the kid ends up running for president 40 or 50 years from now, this picture will be priceless.