Consider this for your mission statement.

Thomas Jefferson once proposed what was considered a radical plan for education.  At the time, there was very little public education. Parents who could afford to do so would put their children in private schools or hire tutors.  So Jefferson’s plan to offer a free education to selected students was radical. 

The plan was very limited.  There were 20 parts to the Commonwealth of Virginia at the time, and Jefferson proposed a free ride for one “promising scholar” from each.  So 20 students—only white boys need apply—would be educated at public expense. 

What is most striking about the plan from the perspective of the 21st Century is Jefferson’s colorful turn of phrase.  As you know, the man was a world class wordsmith.  Thus it is noteworthy that he said that this plan would enable Virginia to “rake from the rubbish” 20 promising scholars.

Would you like to see your district adopt that as a mission statement?  RAKING THEM FROM THE RUBBISH, DAY BY DAY!

I didn’t think so.


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