Commas instead of periods!

Yesterday we introduced the idea that a comma replacing a period might be a simple way of staying out of legal trouble with regard to efforts to end bullying. Yesterday we talked about the very common expression “boys will be boys.” Today, a few other things that you hear in the context of bullying. 

“These girls are just mean these days.”

“We don’t have time to deal with all this.”

“It’s not our fault. Look at the culture these kids are growing up in.”

“He brings a lot of this on himself.”

Any of these statements could be used as evidence of a “who gives a flip” attitude. The legal term for that is “deliberate indifference.”  If you hear a teacher expressing these views, try replacing the period with a comma and adding a few words.  Like this:

“These girls are just mean these days, which is why we are working as a team to foster a welcoming environment for everyone.”

“We don’t have time to deal with this, which is why we take a team approach, and work our anti-bullying themes into the culture of the school.”

“It’s not our fault, but it’s our responsibility to do something about it. And we are.”

“He brings a lot of this on himself, and so we teach the kids how to avoid doing that, and how to be resilient when provoked. It’s all part of our anti-bullying program.”


That’s enough about bullying for this week. The Dawg will be back with new and interesting topics next week!