Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act: Are You Ready?

Major changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) go into effect on December 1.  This is the federal law that requires extra compensation for employees who are classified as “non-exempt.”  The majority of school district employees are exempt from the FLSA’s requirements. We are confident in making that statement because we are sure that the majority of your employees are teachers or academic administrators, such as principals and assistant principals. Those folks are “exempt” meaning that even when they work way over 40 hours a week (i.e., every week) they are not entitled to overtime or comp time.

But there are also many school district employees who are “non-exempt,” meaning that they are covered by the FLSA and, therefore, entitled to extra compensation in some form if they work more than 40 hours in a week.   With the changes that go into effect on December 1, some of the people who were previously “exempt” may move into the “non-exempt” category. This is just one of many significant changes in the FLSA regulations that you need to know about.

Our firm is hosting an audio conference on this very important topic next week.  On Tuesday, September 13th, Sandi Tarski and Alexander Berk from our Irving office will discuss the ins and outs of FLSA with an eye toward the practical implications in the public school setting. This two-hour audio conference (10:00 to Noon) provides an excellent, low cost vehicle for training for HR administrators and others in supervisory positions. Go to our firm’s website to sign up:


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