Can you send a bus to your neighboring district to pick up transfer kids?

The district attorney in Coryell County has asked for Attorney General Paxton’s opinion. The issue is whether or not a district can send its buses into a neighboring district to pick up transfer students if there is no interlocal contract in place.  The DA cites T.E.C. 34.007, which authorizes school boards to operate a transportation system outside of its borders “if the…school district enters into an interlocal contract as provided by Chapter 791, Government Code.”

Apparently, Jonesboro ISD is sending its buses into Gatesville ISD territory and does not have an interlocal contract in place.

We will keep an eye out for Mr. Paxton’s response, as it will have implications for any district that accepts transfer students.

Tomorrow is Toolbox Tuesday—with a case involving a “shoulda known” kid.