Can we talk it over?

I’m looking forward to my webinar next Wednesday.  I’m going to be joined by an administrator in charge of special education, along with a school principal as we discuss: Communication Between Special Education and General Education: How Do We Talk to Each Other?

It’s very obvious to lawyers that the communication between the director and the principal is crucial. The failure to share relevant information and to keep each other informed can create legal problems.  But communication can be difficult for a number of reasons. For one thing, the principal and the director have very different responsibilities. As a result of their different responsibilities, they have different perspectives.  That’s why they butt heads sometimes. In fact, I have long maintained that if there is not a bit of tension in the relationship from time to time, someone is not doing their job as well as they should.

So we’re going to explore this topic a week from today.  I hope the conversation will be relevant and helpful, with some suggestions that participants will find valuable. Here are the specifics:

Date and Time: November 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.
Topic: Communication Between Special Education and General Education: How Do We     Talk to Each Other?
Presenters: Jim Walsh, Attorney
Dr. Molly May, Chief Student Support Officer, Eanes ISD
Jennifer Dusek, Principal of Valley View Elementary, Eanes ISD

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