Busy Month!

September is a very busy month for me.  I will be doing my 12th annual Back to School Tour of Texas, focusing on all of the legal developments you need to know about.  Here’s the schedule:

September 11: Region 20 in San Antonio

September 12: Region 13 in Austin

September 14: Region 2 in Corpus Christi

September 20: Region 7 in Kilgore

September 21: Harris County DOE in Houston

September 26: Region 18 in Midland/Odessa

September 28: Region 17 in Lubbock

October 3: Region 10 in Richardson

October 5: Region 11 in Fort Worth

These BTS programs are sponsored by the Texas School Administrators’ Legal Digest. You can sign up for them at www.legaldigest.com.

The program this year will focus heavily on new legislation and its implications for the day-to-day operations of the school.  We also will discuss the Top Ten Court Cases from the past year, and our annual special ed/504 legal update.

We also like to have some fun at these events by taking a poll on some issue of interest. This year we will re-visit a past topic—the Mt. Rushmore project.  A few years ago we asked you to identify four worthy Americans who achieved fame in the 20th or 21st Centuries for inclusion in a new Mt. Rushmore.  This year, a variation of that: we want you to come up with four worthy people FROM YOUR REGION.  They should be either born in your region, or achieved something noteworthy in your region.  So think about that, and come prepared!

Hope to see you there!


Tomorrow: Just in time for football….praying coach vs. school district.