Be Not Dismayed!

I always feel a bit dismayed on June 1, but we must carry on.

Among many other things to do this summer, school board members will want to take a look at board policy regarding the acquisition of instructional and library materials. TASB has now promulgated its suggestions offering boards some options. T.E.A. has also put out a proposed policy for boards to consider.

There are some significant differences in the policies. The biggest difference is that the T.E.A. policy requires school board members to vote to approve every single library acquisition. That’s a radical change from existing and long settled practice. The TASB policy continues that practice by putting in policy that “the Board shall rely on District professional staff to select and acquire instructional materials.”

Thus a relevant question for the board members: do you trust your professional staff?

Remember that board policy is the policy of the board—not of T.E.A. or TASB or any other organization. TASB policy consultants understand this, and can assist the board in fashioning specific language that suits the district. At Walsh Gallegos we understand this also, and our lawyers can help you sort out any legal issues that arise.

So be not dismayed. Even on June 1.


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