Back to School Tour About to Launch!

September is the month when Haley Turner and I embark on the annual Back to School Tour.  We’ll be providing an all-day update on legal issues that school administrators need to know about. We’ll talk about the court cases that have implications for how you deal with personnel issues, parent rights, student discipline, the role of religion in our schools, special ed and 504.  We’ll do our best to cover all of the issues that keep you awake at night.

We hope to see you! You can sign up at  Here’s the schedule:

September 15:             Lubbock                      Region 17

September 28:             Fort Worth                  Region 11

September 29:             Richardson                  Region 10

October 5:                   New Braunfels            New Braunfels Civic Center

October 14:                 Kilgore                        Region 7

It will be informative, lively, and we will find a way to have some fun. Please join us.


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