Back to School Program on the Horizon!

Here we are knee deep in June, but I’m thinking about the start of school. How bout you?  This year I will again traverse the Great State of Texas presenting the annual Back to School program—an all-day affair highlighting what busy school administrators need to know about the law.  This year we have A LOT of new laws to talk about. On top of that, we will provide the annual review of important judicial decisions affecting special education, Section 504, personnel issues and all the rest. 

I’m pleased to report that for three of the BTS presentations I will be joined by Sarah Orman, a senior attorney with the Texas Association of School Boards.  Sarah will be able to provide the TASB perspective on new legislation.  TASB staff will be updating your school policies over the summer and Sarah will be able to give us the scoop on new policies and their practical implications. 

Personal note: it’s a particular treat for me to have Ms. Orman join me on these presentations. As many of you already know, her name used to be Sarah Walsh. She’s my Firstborn Child, and now, besides being an excellent lawyer and presenter, the mother of the Most Amazing Grandchildren Ever.

Here’s the Back to School schedule:

September 10:             Region 7                                              Kilgore

September 12:             Region 11                                            Fort Worth (with Sarah Orman)

September 13:             Region 17                                            Lubbock (with Sarah Orman)

September 17:             Region 18                                            Midland/Odessa

September 23:             Richardson Civic Center                    Richardson (with Sarah Orman)

September 27:             Region 2                                              Corpus Christi

October 1:                   Bryan County Expo                            Bryan

October 3:                   Friendswood ISD Annex                    Friendswood

October 10:                 New Braunfels Civic Center       New Braunfels

You can sign up for one of these programs at  Hope to see you there!


Tomorrow: Toolbox Tuesday!