Ants must be Buddhists…..

I was whacking the weeds in the yard last week when I disturbed an anthill.  Suddenly, there was a burst of activity. I paused my whacking to watch the little creatures scurry about, putting the hill back in order.  I thought: now there is a life lesson.  A Life Lesson!

It seemed to me that none of the ants were shrugging their little ant shoulders, rolling their little ant eyes, pointing their little ant fingers with blame, or otherwise bemoaning what fate had befallen them.  They just accepted what just happened and got to work putting things right.

Maybe these were Buddhist ants.  I say that because I once knew a wise man who practiced Buddhism and he taught me what to do when my anthill got whacked.  He said I should pause, take a breath, and say, “Oh… this.”  He said the same principle applied to the good things that come my way.  Maybe I win the lottery. Maybe I get ten new Daily Dawg subscribers.  Maybe the Longhorns win the rest of their games.  Don’t label the experience.  Pause. Take a breath.  “Oh….now this.”

I hope your anthill does not get whacked today. But I’m sure that if it doesn’t get whacked today, it will get whacked someday. So remember: “Oh….now this.” 


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