An IEP for our state representative.

Dear Dawg:  I thought you might be interested to hear about our recent ARD meeting.  It was for our representative in the state legislature.  After reviewing his performance over the years we came to suspect that the man may be suffering from a disability that calls for intervention.  We referred him to our ARD Committee and asked the Committee to review the data, consider eligibility and develop an IEP for the upcoming session.  Here are the minutes:

The Committee convened on October 15, 2018 to consider the referral of Representative Foggybottom.  Present were representatives of all constituencies: Teachers; Administrators; School Board Members; Students; Taxpayers.  Representative Foggybottom was also present.

Review of Evaluation Data:  Our Full Individual Evaluation of the Representative showed that he has served in the legislature for eight years. During that time he has spoken eloquently of his support for the public schools. He has attended many school events—graduations, football games and other celebratory occasions where his picture has been taken with smiling students or teachers.  He has consistently voted to pour more state money into charter schools. He has supported every scheme that the Lieutenant Governor has proposed for diverting state funding from public schools toward private schools.  He has bemoaned rising local property tax rates and vowed to find a way to lower them. However, he has supported state budgets that rely on increases in local property values to justify lower funding by the state.

Eligibility: After reviewing the FIE, the Committee found the Representative ELIGIBLE for an IEP.  His primary disability is HYPOCRISY. The Committee considered a second category--IGNORANCE.  However, after considering the Representative’s educational background (B.A., J.D.), and eight years of experience in the legislature the Committee concluded that he did not satisfy eligibility criteria as a Person with Ignorance.

The finding of HYPOCRISY was based on a severe discrepancy between the promises of the Representative and the performance.  Some members of the Committee referred to the Representative as a “hypocrite” but the chair admonished them to use “person first” language. Thus we refer to the Representative as a “Person with Hypocrisy.”

Present Levels: Representative Foggybottom serves on the Education Committee, is well respected by his colleagues and has demonstrated an ability to advocate effectively for things he believes in.  His strong advocacy for the “bathroom bill” last session almost resulted in its passage.  Thus Representative Foggybottom has many strengths.  He could be a great supporter of public education if he can overcome the effects of his disability.

Annual Goal:  By the conclusion of the 2019 session, Representative Foggybottom will have advocated and voted for 1) full pre-K funding; 2) a reduction in statewide testing; 3) meaningful teacher pay increases; 4) a moratorium on new charters; 5) a rejection of any program that diverts state funding to private schools; and 6) a complete overhaul of the school finance system with a 20% increase in funding from the state.

Services:  Educators will redirect the Representative away from acts of Hypocrisy by saying things like “Now, that’s your disability showing up again.  Let’s ask ourselves: what would a person with Integrity do instead?”  Educators will stay on his case relentlessly.  Every action that manifests Hypocrisy will be challenged.

Measures of Success: By the end of the legislative session, Dan Patrick will say something along the lines of “I don’t know what happened to Foggybottom.  He used to do what I told him to do.  Don’t know what happened.”

Well, Dawg, we know the Supreme Court has said that an IEP should be “appropriately ambitious.”  This one is. We hope it works.


 Tomorrow: Absent for more than 10 days. Now what?