A class on Taylor Swift at the University of Texas????

Full disclosure here.  I was shocked to hear that my alma mater, our state’s Flagship University, the place where “what starts here changes the world” is offering a class (for credit) in the English Department on the music of Taylor Swift.  My Inner Curmudgeon made harsh judgments about the trivialization of higher education.  No doubt age bias played a part.  I mean I could understand a course on the music of Lennon and McCartney or Billy Joel. But Taylor Swift?

Then I remembered the admonition that the best guarantee of everlasting ignorance is contempt prior to investigation.  Thus I submitted myself to some inner cross examination.

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: Just what do you know about Taylor Swift?

LAW DAWG: She’s a singer.  Popular with young people.


LAW DAWG: crickets.

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: Name one of her songs.

LAW DAWG: more crickets.

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: How many songs has she written?

LAW DAWG: She writes her own music?

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: How long of a career has she had?

LAW DAWG: Two years?  Three?

I saw where this cross-x was headed and decided to reach out to people I know and trust who are three decades younger than me. They straightened me out right quick. I called up Ms. Swift on Spotify and found much to like.

Waddyaknow.  Maybe I’ll re-enroll at Hook Em Horns U and sign up for the class.

The entire episode prompted me to wonder: if your university wanted to offer a class in the English Department on the music of some artist from the 20th or 21st century, who would be your first pick?

Let me hear from you on this, Loyal Daily Dawg Readers. We’ll keep a running tab and report on the results.


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