A book you must get…

The Dawg recommends that all educators and school attorneys get a copy of “F for Effort: More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers.”

This thing is laugh out loud funny. Although I thought some of the funniest parts were answers that were not “Totally Wrong.”  Consider this from a math test:

Q. A train is blowing its whistle while traveling at 33 m/s. The speed of sound is 343 m/s.  If you are directly in front of the train, what is the whistle frequency you hear?

 A. You will get hit by the train before you even figure out what that whistling sound is.

 I wouldn’t call that answer “totally wrong.” I’d call it spot on.

How bout this from Physics:

Q. Name three states in which water may exist.

 A. New York. New Jersey.  Pennsylvania.

 Again, this is exactly correct. I’ve been to all three states. Each one had water.

Here’s one from Biology:

Q. List five ways that plants interact with each other.

A. They don’t. They’re plants. They can’t talk or hang out. Is this a trick question?

Get the book.  Not only will it make you laugh—it will help you design better test questions.



See you next week, friends!