Toolbox 4.0 on the way!

I’m happy to report that Toolbox 4.0 will soon debut.  As most Daily Dawg readers know, the Toolbox is a full day training program focusing on the legalities of student discipline as applied to students with disabilities. It’s a complicated subject, which is why I created the Toolbox. The goal was to provide an understandable framework and vocabulary to help school officials protect the rights of students under IDEA while maintaining safety on campus.

The tools in 4.0 are the same as the ten tools in 3.0. Neither the law nor the federal regulations have changed, so the tools remain the same. But we’ve added some new text to our Q and A, along with some new hypotheticals and newer cases that illustrate how the tools work in litigation.

I have Toolbox workshops currently booked at Decatur ISD, Ingleside ISD, Regions 6, 7 and 10.  There is room on the calendar for more, so if you are interested give me a call.   


Tomorrow: How innovative is your DOI plan?