Cameras in Special Education Classrooms: Are Your Operating Guidelines Up to Date?

The Commissioner has adopted new rules pertaining to video surveillance in special education classrooms.  The rules went into effect January 31, 2019, and require some changes to your operating guidelines.  At our law firm we have revised our product Operating Guidelines for Video Surveillance to reflect the new rules. 

The Walsh Gallegos Operating Guidelines incorporate the statutory and regulatory legal requirements set forth in SB 1398 and the Commissioner’s Rules and provide additional guidance regarding the handling of requests for the installation of video surveillance cameras in a classroom, the District’s required responses, and guidance on recorded incidents.

The updated Operating Guidelines are now available for purchase.  Many districts have purchased an earlier version of the Operating Guidelines, and can upgrade to the new version at a discounted price of $75.  If your district has not purchased the Operating Guidelines before, the cost is $250 for our retainer clients. To order a copy, just email


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